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Fun Matching Hats for Kids & Parents

Fun Matching Hats for Kids & Parents - George Hats

When you pick a hat for your child, why not go with hats that match? Both of you can stay stylish in a similar fashion while telling the world a little about yourselves and your similar interests. Here are some fun hat fashion trends that will keep your kid and yourself on the cutting edge of kid (and parent) hat trends.

Superhero hats

Hero Hat

Superhero films are some of the biggest pieces of media in the world right now and don’t show any signs of slowing down. What better way to match your kid than showing up to the premiere of their hero’s newest flick with Marvelous Heroes Trucker Caps?

Dinosaur Caps

Dinosaur Caps

Maybe superheroes aren’t your child’s thing. Many kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and the likes! Support their excitement and curiosity with a Colorful Dinosaur Trucker Hat. Spend a day at the museum in style while your child discovers a brand new (old) world!

Sports Hats

Sports Hats

There are few greater bonding experiences between a parent and their child than a shared love of sports. So, while you’re watching the latest game and teaching the little ones the rules, why not sport matching Baseball Trucker Hats to commemorate the occasion? The hat itself might even inspire memories of those times spent together down the road.
A Simple Smiley Face

A Simple Smiley Face

Sometimes, the best move is to keep things simple. Our Smiley Trucker Cap is a more subtle way to coordinate with your kid. It’s cheeky, fun, and will fit pretty much any outfit and occasion. Put your portion of positivity out in the world!

Ultimately, there is nothing better for a parent than being able to match modern hat fashion trends with your kiddo. You can both go around confident in your complementary looks. Visit George Hats store today and find that fit that works for both you and your child!

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