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2022 Kids Hats Trends

2022 Kids Hats Trends - George Hats

The latest in hat trends might be a subject that is difficult to keep tabs on. That is where George Hats comes into play. We will make sure that you are going into the new year with a firm knowledge of what is in and what  is out in the world of hat trends for your hip kiddos. 

boy wearing a trucker hat

Trucker Caps

These never really go out of style. Trucker caps can pair with almost any outfit and any aesthetic that you are going for. It truly is a special kind of hat that your child will definitely be able to pull off.

Black Hat Showing a statement

hHats with a Message

Just because your child is young, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have something to say. Hats with sayings, slogans, brand callouts, and messages allow them to voice their thoughts to the world without them even having to say a word. It's a form of self-expression that is worth the purchase alone.


kid in a silly orange hat

 Wild Designs

You can turn your child’s hat into a practical art exhibition with a design that fits their personality and the vibe that they want to put out into the world. Whether it is sports-related, a simple smiley face, or a number of random images from their favorite films, our hats offer an opportunity for your child to put the vibe that they want out into the world.


Woman wearing a wool beanie

Wool Caps

Wool caps aren’t going anywhere, any time soon. Warm and cozy in the colder months, breathable and easy to sport in the warmer months – they really have uses year-round. Not to mention, these hats just don’t stop being trendy. There isn’t a wrong way to wear one and your kid will love one of their very own.


 Again, trending hats for kids isn’t something that is easy to keep a pulse on. You need a company with the know how, information, and resources to keep you adequately informed on the latest trends. Make sure to check out our selection and pick what fits your style with the reassurance that you’re getting something up-to-date and fashionable for your child. 


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