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4 Must-Have New Hat Prints

4 Must-Have New Hat Prints - George Hats

At George Hats, we pride ourselves on not only providing our customers with the perfect fit for their hat, but custom prints that will help your child stand out from the rest. Check out some of our latest designs and make sure that you are staying on the cutting edge of current hat trends.

Stripe 5 Panel Hat

Stripe 5 Panel

There are fewer more versatile and unique hat designs than a 5 panel cap. There’s far more opportunity for creativity and expression that can fit your style with a sectioned-out approach that can give off a plethora of different moods with each panel.

Wool Navy Hat

Wool Navy

One kind of hat that will never go out of style is the wool navy cap. It will keep you warm throughout the winter months while staying breathable if you want to sport it in other weather conditions.

Camel Suede Hat

Camel Suede

A camel suede hat is certainly something that you’ll want to include in your child’s wardrobe. It’s a level of class not often seen in the very young and fashion-unaware. The print is calming, uniquely colored, and cool to ensure that you’re dealing with a product that you have to have.

Camo Trucker Hat

Camo Trucker

The camo trucker cap is not only a solid choice for a hat design, but it adds a level of character that some designs just don’t convey. It promotes an air of toughness that will not only resonate with the people that your child interacts with, but will also bring them a level of confidence without doing much more than wearing a hat!

 All of these designs and more are not something that you should sleep on as a parent. You’ll love them, your child will love them, and you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. Head over to our site now and make sure that you get the must-haves when it comes to children’s hat fashion. 

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