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Who Can Resist Plaid On The Kiddos?

Who Can Resist Plaid On The Kiddos? - George Hats

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Plaid is one of our most popular prints, and we use it in a variety of different kids trucker hats. After all, who can resist plaid on the kiddos? Plaid is one of the most popular patterns in all of fashion history, from work shirts to couture jackets — to unique hats! We’re sharing four of our favorite plaid prints, but the George Hats plaids are much more extensive. Learn a few of our favorites and browse our collections for the rest!

Fall Plaid Trucker - Featured Product Image Collage

Fall Plaid Trucker

The fall plaid trucker features a large plaid print with mustard, olive, and rust hues. It’s perfect for fall and winter, and the olive mesh makes this hat cool and comfortable. Not only is this hat available for infants and toddlers, but dad can match his little one by adding on an adult size too! Each and every one of our hats are handmade and unique, including this fall plaid kids trucker hat.

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Spice Suede Trucker

All of our hats are made to stand out, but there’s something extra special about this spice suede flannel trucker hat. It features an old-school black, brown, and white plaid around the entire hat and a luxe faux suede brim. You can’t help but pick out this hat to wear every day, and it feels totally fall. 

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Black & White Plaid Beanie

Not only do we offer a wide range of kids trucker hats, but we also have kids beanies for when the weather gets cold! This oversized black and white plaid beanie is perfect for holiday photoshoots, special occasions, or everyday wear. You also have the option to customize it with a matching faux fur pom. 

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Buffalo Plaid Snapback

Our Buffalo Plaid Trucker Hat celebrates the classic red and black plaid, and it’s perfect for the holiday season! We love when our customers share pics of their kids wearing our hats, and it’s extra special to see outdoor or winter-themed photo shoots with this plaid snapback. 

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George Hats - Kids Trucker Hats

We can’t resist plaid on the kiddos — can you? If you haven't already fallen in love with these plaids, we bet you’ll be able to find something that fits your style in our full collections. We have a wide range of prints and kids trucker hats, and we release new styles every Friday! 

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