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The Perfect Hats for Family Photos

The Perfect Hats for Family Photos - George Hats

First off, it seems as if everyone is popping up on social media with baby news these days! And secondly, welcome back to the George Hats blog! Today, we’re going to be showcasing some of our new products that are perfect for family photo shoots, new baby announcements, and more! Let’s learn more about these hats and how to style them, and remember to shop our online selection of hats and other accessories as we release new items every friday!

family photoshoots infographic


No matter if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone else or you’re shopping for yourself, George Hats has a variety of trucker hats that are absolutely perfect for baby announcements, gender reveals, and any other type of family photoshoot! These hats are: 

With these, you can get the whole family involved! All of these hats can be found and purchased on our “New Releases” page or our “Trucker Hats” page.

When it comes to styling, all of our hats are made out of the best fabrics that are both comfortable and easy to maintain, while still looking incredible no matter how many times you wear them. These hats can be easily styled to go with any type of outfit. From casual loungewear and other comfortable day-to-day outfits to more dressed up and stylized fits, all of these hats will fit into your little one’s wardrobe seamlessly. 

We also offer some of our hats in adult sizes so that you can match your little one for the perfect family photoshoot! All of our adult hats can be found on our website, so you can mix and match to fit whatever theme or color scheme you’re going for. We can’t wait to have you experience all of our new hats and find your perfect outfit! Remember to tag us in your posts on social media! Please be aware that some of our trucker hats have different shipping times, so if you’re looking to get something  before a specific date, connect with us directly or make sure you have plenty of time to order. 

All of our hats are handmade in the USA and come in a variety of sizes to fit infants all the way to adults! All of our hats are also shipped within your week of purchase and are all unique due to their handmade status! Be sure to check out our New Releases page for new products, hats, and accessories! We’re always adding new hats, swimsuits, and other clothing items in fun and festive prints! 

Keep up on our blog page, here you’ll be able to find more information about us, our products, and even fun styling tips and more! It’s the perfect place to keep up to date on upcoming trends and seasonal styling. Be sure to follow us on social media and contact us with any questions! We can’t wait to see your family photos featuring your new George Hats products! 

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