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What is a Sunsuit and Why It's Essential for Sun Protection and Safety

What is a Sunsuit and Why It's Essential for Sun Protection and Safety - George Hats

You can think of a sunsuit as a layer of extra skin. It's a one or two-piece clothing wear for babies and toddlers designed to protect them from the powerful rays of the sun. George Hats offers the best sun protection swimwear for kids. Learn about sunsuits and why they are essential for sun protection and safety, and shop our full line of infant, toddler, and kids' sun protective clothing online today!

Young boy wearing a bright checkered sunsuit

Sunsuits Cover Most of the Body

Infant, toddler, and kids' sunsuits cover most of your child's body, including the parts that tend to get sunburnt easily, such as the back, shoulders, and arms. Sun exposure is cumulative, and the more your child's skin is exposed to the sun, the more likely they could develop cancer later on down the road.

Close up of bright rainbow triangle patterned sunsuit

Sunsuits Allow Your Child To Be Seen

When you are at the beach or pool, it can be difficult to keep an eye on your child because of their stature. This is especially true if the beach or pool is crowded. Sunsuits are distinct, and many come in very bright colors and patterns that allow your child to be seen easily. This helps keep your child safe and makes spotting them a lot easier on parents!

Young boy playing in the sand wearing a shark sunsuit

Sunsuits Help Your Child Avoid Sunburn

Sunburn occurs when human skin is exposed to the powerful UV rays of the sun for too long without protection. It is actually a sign of damage to your skin cells, which is why your body protests and sunburns hurt. When your child wears a sunsuit, such as those from George Hats, you can rest assured your child will be highly unlikely to get sunburnt in the covered areas.

Young boy enjoying the beach in his blue striped sunsuit

Sunsuits Offer Warmth and Comfort

Sunsuits can offer warmth and comfort to your child, especially to your baby. A well-made sunsuit fits nice and snug, offering a swaddling effect to your child when they are at the beach or pool. Sunsuits also help to keep your child from getting a chill when they exit the water, helping them to enjoy swimming and not to think about the cold when they get out of the water.


George Hats is a mom-owned small business that understands the importance of sun protection while having fun outdoors. We offer a variety of sun protection swimwear, including sunsuits, for your child. Our sun protective clothing for kids is UPF 50+ protective, breathable, and quick drying. It has a front zipper for easy on and off, which is great for parents for diaper changes and for little ones potty training. Machine-washable, our sun protective clothing and sunsuits are durable, made to last an exceptionally long time. Shop our vast collection online today!

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