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Swim Safety Tips and How Bright Colors Help With Swim Safety

Swim Safety Tips and How Bright Colors Help With Swim Safety - George Hats

Children love the summer because the summer brings warm temperatures and the ability to go swimming. Swimming is not only a great activity for children, but it also is great exercise. That being said, many children accidentally drown every year. George Hats is a mom-owned company that offers sun protection swimwear for children. Learn some great swim safety tips and how bright colors can help with swim safety below, and shop our children’s sun protection swimwear today!

Young boy holding on to the railing of pool steps

Enroll Your Child in Swim Lessons

Perhaps the best swim safety tip is to teach your child how to swim. This can begin from a very early age. Children can learn to float on their backs and doggie paddle, which can be just enough to save their lives should they become distressed while swimming. Taking Mommy and Me swim classes when they are little helps to get them acclimated to water, so they don't panic if they do become distressed, which is a way children can drown, too.

Young boy wearing sunsuit and straw hat at the beach

Watch Your Child Closely

Children need to be supervised at all times while they are in the pool. Watching your child is crucial to their safety. It's best to put away all distractions, such as your cell phone and even your book, while your child is in the water. Being in the water with them is ideal; that being said, being close enough to where you can jump in is just as important. This gives both you and your child peace of mind while having fun in the water.

Child playing in the water wearing brightly colored swim trunks and hat

Have Your Child Wear Bright Colors

Many children have drowned in a crowded pool or on a beach simply because no one noticed that they were under the water. By dressing your child in bright sun protection swimwear, they will be easier to see if they do become distressed, and it will be easier for parents to monitor them, too. This becomes almost a necessity when you are talking about a murky lake. Bright neon colors are the most visible and the most noticeable. Choose from bright neon yellow, orange, or green for the most visibility possible.

Young boy wearing a life jacket at the beach

Invest in a Life Jacket

Many children will protest if they are forced to wear a life jacket because they can be bulky and hard to move around in. Plus, their peers may make fun of them. That being said, you don't want your child to become a drowning statistic, either. Wearing a life jacket, especially in open bodies of water, such as lakes and oceans, is one of the best drowning prevention methods. The chances of your child drowning while wearing a life jacket are slim-to-none. If your child cannot swim and the waters are a bit choppy, it's always better to be safe rather than sorry.


George Hats is passionate about helping your child stay safe while in the water. We offer a wide variety of sun protection swimwear, so you can have peace of mind while enjoying a day at the beach. Our infant swimwear comes in very bright colors, so your child can be easily spotted on a crowded beach. Our kids' UV swimwear comes in beautiful, fun patterns, too, so your child will look forward to a day on the water. We hope you've found our swim tips valuable, and we invite you to browse all of our sun protection swimwear for kids online today!

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