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Tips to Get Your Child to Wear a Sun Hat

Tips to Get Your Child to Wear a Sun Hat - George Hats

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have a mind of their own, and when they get something in their head they don't want to do, it can be like pulling nails to get them to do otherwise. George Hats is a kids' sun protective clothing store online that was founded by a mom to offer the best in UV protection for kids. Below, we'll offer some tips on how to get your child to wear a sun hat. Shop online today!

photo of young boy wearing a blue and orange checkered hat

Be Firm

You understand the consequences of not wearing a sun hat, but your child most likely cannot understand. Thus, you'll have to lay down the law if need be and not let your child outside until they put their hat on.

photo of young boy wearing a shark printed hat

Start Them Young

The more often your child wears a hat, the more likely they will get used to wearing a hat and think it normal. You can put a hat on your child even when they are indoors from the time they are infants. This will get them in the habit of wearing a hat when it matters the most.

photo of 2 young boys wearing straw hats

Get Matching Sun Hats

Kids learn by imitating their parents, and if you invest in the same style and design of a sun hat as your child, your child may want to emulate you and wear the same hat. George Hats offers matching adult hats in many of our most popular styles. Shop online today!

photo of young boy wearing black and white hat

Buy Them the Sun Hat They Want

It's best to buy your child the sun hat they like, and a lot has to do with looks. Sit down with your child and scroll through available sun hats and let them choose. Here at George Hats, our high-quality hats offer the best prints they will love. Shop today!


George Hats offers dozens of baby boy sun hats online. Check out our boys' trucker hats, baby boy swim hats, summer straw hats, and kids' beanies. Shop online today!

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