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Should Your Child Wear Sunglasses?

Should Your Child Wear Sunglasses? - George Hats

We all know that sunglasses offer UV protection for your eyes when you are outside. This can ensure your eyes stay healthy, and it helps to fend off cataracts and other macular degeneration conditions. But should your child wear sunglasses? Continue reading to learn more, and shop the best baby boy sun hats and sunglasses online at George Hats today!

photo of little boy in black sunglasses and white hat

Children's Eyes Let in More UV Radiation

Most parents don't know that the lenses in children's eyes let in more UV radiation than in adults. This is due to the fact that children's eyes are still developing, so their eyes cannot filter UV light as effectively as adults' eyes.

photo of toddler in white sunglasses

Children Spend More Time Outdoors Than Adults

Children normally spend more time outdoors than adults, which results in prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun. This exposure can increase children’s susceptibility to UV light and can cause premature damage.

photo of boy in orange sunglasses and blue hat

UV Exposure is Cumulative

UV exposure is cumulative. Thus, the more time a child spends outdoors exposed to the sun, the more likely they will develop some sort of damage from UV exposure, such as damage to the eye or skin cancer.

photo of a little boy at the beach wearing white sunglasses and a colorful hat

Children's Eyes Can Become Sunburnt

UV radiation can burn the front surface of the eye, which is very similar to a sunburn. However, this can cause long-term effects and damage.


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