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Must-Have Beach Gear For Kids

Must-Have Beach Gear For Kids - George Hats

When going to the beach for the day with the kids, there are must-haves for your children that will make their beach day spectacular. George Hats offers a wide array of baby boy swim hats, infant bathing suits, and UV protection swimsuits. Learn some must-have beach gear for the kids, and shop today.

Beach Blanket

A beach blanket is nice in order to have a great place to sit that is not full of sand and that keeps the hot sand off when you do sit down. You can stow all of your gear on the beach blanket, too, to keep it from getting too sandy.

Beach Tent

A beach tent is super nice to have in order to have a ready-made shady spot where you can escape the sun's rays and take a break. Plus, if you have infants, it's a great place to have your child out of the sun completely while they sit and play.

Sand Toys

If you're going to the beach, sand toys are an absolute must. From a simple bucket and shovel to sand trucks, balls, and crabs, your kids will play for hours with sand toys, including crafting the best sand castles ever made.

Kids' Sun Protective Swimwear

About the only thing that can ruin a beach day is a sunburn afterward. Thus, investing in high-quality kids' UV protective swimwear and baby sun hats is an absolute must in order to ensure your kids are protected against the sun's rays. Don't forget the sunscreen, either!


The founders of George Hats wanted to craft kids' sun protection swimwear so that your child can have fun in the sun all day long with little worry on your part. We offer a wide selection of UV protection swimwear, including swim trunks, swim shirts, and swimsuits, as well as boys' sun hats. Shop online today!

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