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4 Reasons to Wear Kids' Hats All Year Long

4 Reasons to Wear Kids' Hats All Year Long - George Hats

Hats are not just for the winter. In fact, hats can — and should — be worn all year long by kids, and below we'll go over some reasons for it. Shop George Hats, an online boys' trucker hat store that offers a wide variety of infant and toddler trucker, sun, and beanie hats. Shop today!

To Block Harmful UV Rays

The sun can still do damage to your skin, even during the cold winter months. In fact, anytime the sun is out, its rays are hitting your exposed skin. While the dosage of UV rays may be smaller, any amount of UV rays can cause damage to skin.

To Conserve Heat

Children can lose up to one-third of their body's heat through their heads. Our bodies just have a hard time with blood flow to our heads. Thus, a hat helps to keep the heat in and the cold out, which keeps your children safe from mild hypothermia. Plus, they can play outside longer before they get too cold, a bonus for parents!

Complete the Look

A hat can add a finished and polished look to any outfit, and for children, hats can look super adorable. Admittedly, hats for kids come in more varieties, from animal characters to boys' trucker hats such as those at George Hats. Who doesn't love a child in a bunny hat?

To Ward Off Heat

Kids' beanies have the opposite effect that hats have in the winter during the summer. Wearing hats keeps your kids cooler in the summer months because they reflect the hot rays that are streaming towards your head and keep it off the face.


George Hats offers a plethora of the best kids' hats online. Check out our boys' trucker hats, baby boy swim hats, summer straw hats, and kids' beanies. You won't be disappointed. Shop online today!

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